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Creative Ecosystem

85% allocation to the support of the creative ecosystem
The vast majority of Monet tokens will be distributed to help financially support and reward creators, collectors, stakers, and builders over the next 8 years to further incentivize growth on the Cardano blockchain.

Development and Admin

5% allocated as a long-term incentive for contributors that build and administer the Monet Society in advance of the DAO implementation.
The percentage of tokens released to the team will decrease steadily over the span of 8 years. Tokens will be distributed on a quarterly basis and are subject to performance-based criteria outlined by The Monet Society.
Distributing tokens to the team will help to promote consistent output and incentivize them to stay with the project while aiming to reduce the potential for selling off large amounts of Monet in a single transaction or period.


10% allocated to the treasury to sustain the growth of the project
The allocation to the treasury will be used to support investments in ecosystem infrastructure and sustainability. Examples may be:
  • Underlying operations, including: -Monitoring and security tools -DAO development, deployment, and governance tools -Ecosystem networking tools
  • Financing awareness, promotion, and growth -Education and Media tools -Onboarding strategic partners -Financing ecosystem infrastructure
Among additional benefits of other distribution mechanisms detailed in the sections that follow in this whitepaper, the distribution of the Monet Token will primarily assist stakeholders in the ecosystem to:
  • Recruit more users to their platforms
  • Reduce marketing spend to acquire new customers
  • Develop strategic partnerships
  • Recruit more creators to a decentralized future
To effect scalable and optimal distribution of the Monet Token, the Society is partnering with founding members and associated entities to put Monet into the hands of stakeholders that provide the highest value to the ecosystem.