NFT marketplaces are among the primary platforms for artists to showcase and sell their artwork, while also providing collectors with the opportunity to purchase artwork from popular collections. These marketplaces play a crucial role in the secondary market, where NFTs that have already been minted on primary platforms are traded and new investment prospects are discovered.
Concordium's regulatory-compliant marketplaces are positioned for mass adoption of NFTs and to make trading or minting more fun and lucrative for all artists.

Key Takeaways For Creators

When it comes to choosing the right marketplace for your Concordium-specific NFT projects, creators have several excellent options to consider. Here are the benefits you can enjoy by listing your collection on these marketplaces:
  • Mint NFTs directly on selected marketplaces, leveraging their existing audience of interested buyers and increasing your chances of sales
  • Benefit from ID-centric blockchain transactions, providing buyers with peace of mind and establishing your identity as the original owner of the NFTs
  • Easily link your wallet to the marketplace, facilitating smooth and secure transactions, while ensuring the safe storage of your NFTs before listing them for sale
  • List your NFTs for sale with low transaction costs, allowing you to retain a higher portion of the profits from your sales
  • Take advantage of the option to add artist royalties on selected marketplaces, generating passive income from future resales of your NFTs on the secondary market.

Key Takeaways For Collectors

When it comes to collectors, these sites offer a plethora of opportunities to acquire and trade NFTs that have been listed on the secondary market. Here are the benefits you can enjoy:
  • Find the perfect NFT for your private collection by utilizing filtering options such as price, country, and category
  • Engage in auctions and outbid other collectors to acquire unique and one-of-a-kind NFTs, adding exceptional pieces to your collection
  • Explore NFT bluechip projects by conducting your own research (DYOR) with all the necessary project information readily available, enabling you to make informed investment decisions
  • ID-centric blockchain transactions ensure that the creators of the NFTs can be verified, offering confidence and authenticity in your acquisitions
  • Seamlessly link your wallet to the marketplace, allowing for safe and secure transactions, ensuring the protection of your funds and NFT assets.
Browse existing marketplaces and grow your portfolio with our complete guide on Concordium marketplaces.