• an open, user-friendly NFT marketplace that allows artists, projects and businesses to mint and sell their NFTs for free
  • single NFTs and collections can be minted
  • convenient and accessible for newbies - very user friendly
  • includes images, video and audio
  • can mint NSFW images
  • add specific traits and properties to your NFTs, including a rarity system - these can also be changed post mint
  • offers free to mint option with Algogem as the creator wallet (to cover fees) - you still receive all proceeds and royalties, minus fees (in the manager’s wallet): there is a 0.001 ALGO transaction cost
  • determine the percentage of royalties to be paid to your wallet
  • can add a glyph - i.e. your own signature to a creation that is stored on-chain, in the metadata
  • mint and list NFTs directly from your phone
  • link directly to Algogems marketplace
  • good help resources - comprehensive FAQs
  • developed by the founders of AlgoSeas
  • a turn-key NFT generator/launchpad for Algorand
  • very easy to use, turnkey solution: does the entire process
  • distribute your NFTs through a live mint (i.e. only added to the blockchain when an NFT is minted), thus preventing rarity sniping - choosing which rarities you want (this is common on the Algorand blockchain)
  • easy to add traits and rarities via a user-friendly input screen
  • can set the date and time for your project to launch, plus early access prices
  • determine royalties for your wallet
  • good help facilities: Discord and Twitter
  • somewhat high fees - 10% of sales price when your NFT sells
  • a quick and easy minting tool best suited for 1 of 1 non-generative NFTs
  • very easy to use - ideal for newbies or those with a single NFT (process takes about 30 seconds)
  • pleasant-looking interface
  • mint videos also
  • only pay transaction costs - 0.01
  • approved artists can sell straight into the Rand Gallery marketplace
  • set the royalty percentage to be paid into your wallet
  • can add an external URL
  • mostly suited for minting a single NFT, though you can add collection filters and multi-minting: can shuffle mint up to 10 NFTs
  • need to get approval as an artist first to sell NFTs (to prevent forgeries)
  • can’t add metadata