• official wallet for Algo, built by the Algorand development team

  • Android and iOS mobile wallet, plus web browser

  • quick and easy setup

  • hardware wallet integration (Ledger Nano X)

  • transact with Algos and Algorand assets easily

  • pleasing layout and viewing

  • good security - option to use biometric authentication

  • dApp connection straight from wallet, including a wide variety of apps (NFTs, staking, markets)

  • can commit tokens to governance during sign-up periods

  • send, store and easily view all your NFTs

  • very good help and support online


  • simple web browser wallet

  • quick and easy setup

  • hardware wallet integration

  • token swaps within wallet

  • NFT viewing supported

  • dApp connector supported by a number of sites

  • very basic open-source wallet for browser extension (Chrome)

  • can import other Algo wallets and use them for dApps

  • very straightforward setup

  • hardware wallet integration

  • dApp connector for signing payments for purchases (DeFi)

  • good opportunity to experiment with a simple wallet that doesn’t have too much functionality

  • useful if you are looking for a secure, browser-extension wallet

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