• most popular NFT marketplace on Avalanche - over 34 000 users and over $9.5 million in secondary sales
  • will be expanding to BNB chain, end March 2023
  • user-friendly interface with ranking info and good market analytics
  • a best-in-class NFT Launchpad that includes a built-in pre-mint feature
  • intriguing categories, like gaming meme NFTs, plus filterable traits
  • creators can apply for Verification (secondary sales for existing collections) and launchpad (unreleased collections for platform mint)
  • help for users to run live auctions on their NFTs
  • comprehensive collection statistics - e.g. top holders, average holding days, items purchased below current floor, etc.
  • in-house production unit called Joe Studios
  • collections don’t have many ranking variables - only ‘volume’ and ‘sales’
  • no real help section apart from Discord
  • only on C-Chain


  • have recently released version 2 of their marketplace which is at the intersection of NFTs, VR and the Metaverse. Their mission is for people to experience NFTs in new ways
  • includes Kalao Vision, a virtual space that lets you create your own NFT gallery which is VR-enabled
  • pleasant and easy-to-use design interface
  • express checkout - can add NFTs to your basket and buy all at once
  • good stats and insights - across collections, per collection and for each individual NFT.
  • receive recommendations based in your NFT tastes
  • bulk listing: list multiple NFTs in one go
  • creators can choose between a standard fixed price mint on a first come first serve basis, a standard auction or a dutch auction
  • can create and trade ERC-1155 tokens, useful for games that use this NFT type for common items
  • can search NFTs via the artist or creator
  • very comprehensive help section for all aspects of the Kalao ecosystem
  • Kalao Vision (galleries) are very under-populated
  • the stats tab doesn’t have much information
  • probably less exposure for creators than other bigger sites


  • first community-driven aggregated marketplace
  • aggregates NFTs from all the most popular blockchains, including Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, and Solana
  • 91 540 unique users
  • smooth to use
  • good rankings across multiple variables
  • opportunities for rewards, but the coin (ELE) is not yet listed
  • can view all your NFTs across chains via your wallet, including any airdrops you might have received
  • can do a certification to pay zero gas fees
  • allows multi-currency mixed payment (i.e. using different tokens)
  • batch buy which is more efficient and cheaper
  • launchpad for NFT mystery boxes and new good quality creators
  • many separate categories within each chain - e.g. collectibles, trading cards, virtual world, etc.
  • excellent support documentation
  • can’t sort within the collections tag
  • there is so much on the site that it might take some time to learn how it all operates