• open-source, non-custodial in-browser wallet
  • easy and quick to install
  • hardware wallet integration
  • create, mint and store NFTs in Studio
  • cross chain (X, C, and P) functionality for transferring between chains
  • allows staking to earn more AVAX by becoming either a validator or delegator
  • need to put in the seed phrase every time you want to use the wallet (unless accessing via Ledger)
  • potentially confusing for new users with three chains: X chain (receiving and sending funds), C chain (interacts with Ethereum Virtual Machine - e.g. Coinbase or Metamask) and P chain (Staking)
  • no token swap and only storage for AVAX token currently
  • dApp connector not yet fully supported by all platforms


  • browser extension for Chrome and mobile (Android)
  • simple ‘Metamask-like’ look but tailor-made for Avalanche
  • clear, unified display of assets
  • swap a wide range of tokens, over 170 - much lower fees than Metamask
  • hardware wallet integration
  • manage assets on multiple networks, including C-chain, Bitcoin and Ethereum
  • manage and display NFTs in one portal
  • interact easily with dApps
  • connect to Web3 via Core command centre
  • can see different Subnets
  • use the same recovery phrase to create and manage several addresses
  • no staking
  • currently no support for iOS users


  • browser extension wallet for Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Brave
  • iOS and Android app available
  • one of the most popular and used wallets with a lot of support
  • simple and easy to install
  • connects widely across most dApps, including staking and NFT marketplaces
  • all-in-one solutions as multiple networks are supported, including Avalanche
  • hardware wallet integration
  • login with password
  • can toggle easily between a wide range of networks
  • staking available from wallet
  • reliable service
  • Metamask token swap fee of 0.875%
  • doesn’t support non-Ethereum coins - e.g. Bitcoin
  • need to open a separate screen, titled ‘portfolio site’, from your browser extension wallet to view your NFTs
  • only has c-chain for Avalanche
  • not always at the cutting edge