XRP NFT drop calendars typically list information about upcoming NFT collections, such as the artist, the number of NFTs being released, and the theme of the collection.

They may also provide links to the NFT marketplace where the digital assets will be sold or auctioned. They are a one-stop platform for the Ripple NFT community and are a useful tool for artists to promote their work and for collectors to get in early.

Key Takeaways For Creators

Although XRP-specific projects don't yet have their own drop sites devoted entirely to this chain, there are a number of multi-chain drop sites that benefit creators directly by being able to:

  • List upcoming projects for free to build awareness around your NFT collection

  • Leverage an existing audience of interested buyers with drop calendar sites that have high daily visits to their platform

  • Build a community around your project to make it even more marketable before minting

  • Boost your project’s visibility by promoting it via banner ads, priority placements and other marketing mechanisms

  • Scope out the competition by exploring listings to get a good idea of what is already in the market, gain insights into what suitable floor pricing may look like, and discover what makes projects successful

Key Takeaways For Collectors

For collectors, these sites present a unique opportunity to gain an advantage over other investors by scoping out upcoming drops to add to their portfolio before they hit the secondary market. Other benefits include:

  • Signing up to a free drop calendar’s mailing list for news on upcoming drops, whitelisting, and more

  • Exploring all upcoming listings and exclusive drops, DYOR to verify the project specifics and roadmap to make educated decisions for better returns on your investments

  • Planning ahead by knowing when NFT drops are happening in advance, collectors can plan their finances and prioritize which drops they want to participate in.

  • Adding projects you’re interested in buying into to your Google Calendar so you don’t miss the drop

  • Gauging interest in a project with peer reviews and voting as well as sales analytics to identify strong projects

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