• non-custodial wallet available for mobile (iOS and Android)
  • the most popular wallet on the XRP ledger - and probably the industry standard
  • 642,017 unique active users from 235 countries in 2022
  • exclusively an XRP wallet, supporting XRP and the 8000-plus tokens issued on the XRP Ledger
  • assets can be sent, received or denominated in any asset
  • cheap, fast payments
  • hardware wallet integration
  • can access apps straight from wallet (xApps), including NFT viewing apps
  • easy-to-use wallet for newbies
  • no fees for basic use, though the Ripple blockchain does charge fees that are very low
  • can choose between standard (FaceID / Passcode) and extra (password to sign transactions) security
  • good help resources on the app or online
  • can upgrade to Xumm Pro for additional features (but there is a fee)
  • a bit of a hassle to set up - no seed phrase (instead, you will need a number / letter row sequence)
  • to activate an account, you need to deposit 10 XRP into your account - these cannot be spent, but are used to pay for ledger fees (all XRP wallets require an initial deposit)


  • non-custodial Web3 wallet available as a browser extension (Chrome and Brave), a desktop app, and mobile (iOS and Android)
  • viewed as a great wallet for beginners with cross-platform support
  • aesthetically pleasing, with a simple layout
  • easy setup process
  • excellent help functionality, including quick chat services
  • token swap and support for multiple cryptocurrencies
  • hardware wallet integration (Trezor Model T for XRP)
  • can access some common apps - e.g. Compound Finance - directly from the wallet
  • lack of 2FA security protection
  • no crypto to fiat conversion
  • doesn’t yet run from Ripple blockchain, though can store XRP on the wallet and token swap
  • no NFT viewing for NFTs bought via Ripple blockchain


  • both a wallet, built specifically for Ripple, and an exchange
  • web browser wallet
  • easy to use
  • supports a variety of tokens (not a huge amount) as well as fiat currencies, via an in-built payment gateway (bank transfers) - this is one of the wallet’s biggest advantages
  • fiat currencies currently supported include USD, EUR, CNY and JPY
  • good customer support - perhaps because it includes an exchange
  • can swap tokens on the exchange
  • can purchase insurance on the wallet’s contents through Coincover
  • good analytics for seeing your assets, cash flow, etc.
  • KYC (Know Your Customer) process to set up wallet - probably because it includes an exchange and fiat on-ramps
  • need to hold a minimum of 20 XRP in your wallet which can’t be used
  • limited dApp connections
  • no NFT visual display or capacity