• NFT minting for Ethereum or XRP blockchain
  • big and popular site, recently extended to minting on the Ripple blockchain
  • can also sell your NFTs on the platform
  • post updates on social media for your followers
  • good dashboard for analytics, including sales and mints
  • includes a ‘Mintable Academy’ (resources for learning)
  • can sign up for a paid ‘Go Pro’ plan for help with selling your minted NFTs
  • includes images, videos, gifs and music files
  • can mint items for free with ‘easy’ mode
  • set royalties to be paid directly to your wallet
  • simple metadata input for beginners
  • can’t just connect wallet to the site - need to create a login account first
  • with ‘easy’ mode, you can only mint single items, but there is an advanced setting for larger collections
  • a comprehensive platform to launch NFT collections through two methods: random mint or non-random mint (where buyers choose which NFT they want to purchase - more suitable for smaller collections of unique artworks: paintings, photographs, music, or other collectible art)
  • need to apply to the onXRP launchpad and if chosen, projects obtain an onXRP-verified profile and their own collection page
  • collectors can use a variety of tokens (XRP / OXP / IOU) for minting
  • if project is selected, marketing is included - e.g.social media coverage, plus potential podcasts and articles
  • can upload all images via a zip file that includes metadata
  • determine own royalty percentages for secondary market resales also
  • NFTs are minted on demand - no pre-minting
  • connected to the onXRP marketplace
  • help available via Discord
  • project needs to be selected via an application process and a review from the onXRP team
  • to apply, you need to use a clean wallet - i.e. minimal transactions and no previous issuances of NFTs - with approximately 110 XRP in it


  • minting service plus marketplace for XRP NFTs
  • launch pad program helps with technical support for minting and exposure
  • can mint images, videos and audio
  • mint a single NFT or bulk minting services for a larger collection
  • the bulk signing desktop app allows creators to bulk sign transactions for minting a big collection
  • can add an external link to the collection
  • set royalties and metadata as required
  • can upload a metadata file with all your metadata to streamline the process
  • digital assets are uploaded to IPFS, a decentralized storage protocol for the XRP blockchain
  • difficult to ascertain precise costs - site says that one must purchase ‘mint credits’, which goes towards the cost of pinning files to IPFS as well as developing the sites