Ripple (>1M followers)

  • the official Twitter account of Ripple shares all things XRP

XRP Official (250-999K followers)

  • a firm XRP investor and believer that tweets about news and updates around Ripple's ecosystem

David "JoelKatz" Schwartz (250-999K followers)

  • the CTO at Ripple and one of the original architects of the XRP ledger. Tweets about personal musings and XRP updates

Brad Garlinghouse (250-999K followers)

  • CEO at Ripple that tweets about XRP, particularly around news and special updates

xrpdarren (50-249K followers)

  • Darren is an XRP enthusiast and crypto analyst who shares charts, XRP news and more

Kevin Cage (50-249K followers)

  • Kevin tweets news and updates about many cryptos and projects that he's passionate about including XRP

XRP the Standard Productions (50-249K followers)

  • satirical XRP tweets, news and updates that keep things light, but informative

DustyBC Crypto (50-249K followers)

  • Dusty is a YouTuber that is big on XRP but also covers a wide range of cryptos that he supports

Crypto Eri (50-249K followers)

  • crypto updates with an emphasis on what impacts this space, with a special focus on XRP

Digital PerspectivesPermaBull (50-249K followers)

  • general crypto news, updates and promotional tweets that include a healthy dose of XRP

Chip (10-49K followers)

  • Chip is co-founder of On The Chain, a YouTube channel that explores blockchain technologies and digital assets with a big focus on XRP

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