Jordan Fried (49-250K followers)

  • Jordan is on the founding team of Hedera and offers his followers a daily newsletter on crypto happenings

Mance Harmon (10-49K followers)

  • Mance is Co-Founder of Hedera and shares key updates on the blockchain's future, events that the foundation attends and more

Leemon Baird (10-49K followers)

  • the other Co-Founder of Hedera, Leemon tweets about events he attends growing the Hedera community and also shares key updates on its growth

$HBar to the Moon (10-49K followers)

  • apart from building on Hedera, he shares super useful information on Hedera stats, use cases, NFTs, coins & more

Coinman the HBARbarian (10-49K followers)

  • he is the founder of the HBARbarians which shares Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) memes and news

The HBAR Bull (10-49K followers)

  • The editor of The Hedera Forum also with a YouTube channel that shares key updates on the Hedera blockchain

Christian Hasker (10-49K followers)

  • as the marketing mastermind for Hedera expect a mix of cool personal/company updates, community building and even a few memes

Max Walker-Williams (10-49K followers)

  • early $HBAR investor and vlogger in the UK that documents the happenings of Hedera

May Chan (<10K followers)

  • May is the CEO of HashPack wallet which helps to spread the word on the best and brightest projects in the Hedera ecosystem

SEVO (<10K followers)

  • Sevo shares Hedera NFT-focused tweets and community promotions

HelloFutureBuzz (<10K followers)

  • prominent TwitterSpaces host with Ħashgraph projects, the Ħedera team, NFT Creators, dApp devs and more

Zepzi (<10K followers)

  • Zepzi shares interesting Hedera data and community updates that are driving the blockchain forward

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