• one of the leading wallets available for mobile (iOS and Android), as a web app and Chrome extension
  • very easy to install - only email sign-up required
  • 2FA authentication setup for more security
  • excellent, well thought out and pleasing layout
  • hardware wallet integration
  • buy HBAR in the wallet - can use credit card
  • token swap
  • NFT gallery - allowing viewing and sending of NFTs
  • stake your HBAR to one of the 26 consensus nodes run by the Hedera Governing Council members - easy to unstake and switch nodes
  • funds remain available for use while staked
  • use ‘Secure Trade’ feature for direct peer-to-peer trading and secondary sales of NFTs
  • dApp connector within wallet to NFTs, games, DEXs, bridges
  • excellent help resources within wallet
  • some within-wallet dApps are glitchy
  • iOS, Android and Chrome extension
  • Web 3 wallet, which is 3rd party audited
  • partnered with the HBAR Foundation
  • buy HBAR using a credit card (via Moonpay or Banxa)
  • allows staking
  • token swap
  • very extensive web-based help centre
  • easy and quick to install and use
  • NFT visual display with scrolling view
  • has feature for locking password
  • can get a private key - i.e. encrypted version of your seed phrase
  • audited security protection
  • interface is a bit fiddly with dull colors
  • limited dApp connections at this stage
  • an up-and-coming mobile wallet for iOS and Android
  • easy staking straight from wallet
  • hardware wallet integration
  • good NFT visual display, functionality and rankings
  • buy HBAR straight from wallet using sardine or MoonPay
  • enable a pin code to make wallet more secure
  • can be somewhat confusing for newbies – e.g. associating token in the wallet
  • doesn’t appear to have token swap
  • limited dApp connections