Secondary NFT marketplaces are the go-to platforms for artists to list and sell artwork and for collectors to buy into popular collections after they have been minted on a primary marketplace and find new investment opportunities.

NFTs operate at the speed of hashgraph - 10 000 transactions per second with immediate finality - on Hedera. Coupled with this, ultra-low transaction fees have led to some of the fastest-growing NFT communities forming on this network. There are over 500 NFT communities on Hedera.

Key Takeaways For Creators

When it comes to selecting the right secondary marketplace, creators have plenty of fantastic NFT marketplaces to list their collection on for Hedera-specific projects and benefit directly by being able to:

  • Mint NFTs directly on selected secondary marketplaces to leverage an existing audience of interested buyers

  • Verify your collection with a unique policy ID to give buyers peace of mind and to identify you as the original owner

  • Easily link your Hedera Hashgraph wallet to facilitate transactions and have your NFTs stored safely before listing

  • List NFTs for sale with low transaction costs to ensure you retain even more profits after selling

  • Add artist royalties on selected secondary marketplaces to generate passive income for resales on the secondary market

Key Takeaways For Collectors

For collectors, these sites present a wealth of opportunities to pick up and trade NFTs after they’ve been listed on the secondary market. Benefit by being able to:

  • Find “the” NFT for your private collection filtering a collection by price, listing date, and NFT metadata

  • Outbid collectors for one-of-a-kind NFTs by participating in auctions

  • Uncover NFT bluechip projects by DYOR with all the project information you need on hand

  • Verify artist collections using their unique policy ID before buying into any project

  • Easily link your Hedera wallet to facilitate transactions safely and securely

Browse existing marketplaces and grow your portfolio with our complete guide on Hedera secondary marketplaces.

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