Monet Token

The Monet Society has developed the Monet Token as a 'token of appreciation' to recognize and reward creative ecosystem stakeholders with loyalty points for their contributions to addressing challenges faced by independent creators.

Monet is a digital token built upon distributed ledger technology. Monet was created to incentivize participation and support of creative ecosystems, with an emphasis on individual and independent creators. As a ‘token of appreciation’, Monet forms the basis of a playful 'loyalty point' system that acknowledges and rewards creators and creative ecosystem stakeholders in a transparent and secure way.

The total supply of Monet will not exceed 100,000,000,000 tokens. The Society plans to make tokens available on up to 10 blockchains that are supportive of the creative ecosystem and have plans to integrate proper bridging solutions, including potentially:

  • Cardano

  • Avalanche

  • Algorand

  • Ethereum

  • Solana

  • Binance Smart Chain

  • Hedera

  • Polygon

  • Tezos

  • XRP

The Monet Society distributes Monet to creative industry initiatives, including projects and platforms developing and facilitating digital assets and Web3 technologies such as wallets, marketplaces, creator tools, and platforms for viewing and experiencing.

Stakeholders rewarded with Monet are encouraged and incentivized to ‘play it forward’ by recognizing and rewarding other ecosystem participants supporting creators.

Monet Utility

Benefits and Uses

Creators benefit from Platforms participating in the Monet Society through:

Collectors benefit from Monet Society Platforms and Creators through:

Some of the key areas we focus on recognizing and rewarding include:

Monet Loyalty Token Programs

Partner communities collaborate with the society to develop and deploy Monet loyalty programs that reward their members and creators for positive contributions and offer opportunities for their members, creators and other Monet Society partners to redeem Monet tokens for specific benefits and rewards.

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