🔧Phase 1 - Building The Ecosystem

As the Monet Society embarks on its mission to enhance and democratize the creative ecosystem, Phase One of our roadmap is dedicated to establishing a robust platform comprising interconnected components that leverage Web3 technologies to serve creators and consumers alike.

This foundational phase focuses on developing four key platform components: Cur8.io, Anywall.io, Web3 Venues, and Splash.club.


Cur8.io is a sophisticated content management and display platform tailored for digital assets and art. It is designed to empower artists and creators by providing them with a powerful tool to manage, display, and monetize their digital creations efficiently. This platform supports a wide range of digital formats and integrates seamlessly with blockchain technology to ensure secure transactions and copyright management.


Anywall.io offers a premium hardware and software solution specifically designed for artists, galleries, museums, and cultural spaces. This innovative solution enables the display of digital art in a variety of settings, enhancing the visibility and interaction with digital works.

Anywall.io combines cutting-edge technology with user-friendly interfaces to transform any space into a dynamic art exhibit.

Web3 Venues

Our Web3 Venues are physical spaces that embody the convergence of the digital and physical realms. These venues include cafes, galleries, and co-working hubs that not only showcase Web3 technologies but also serve as community hubs for networking, collaboration, and innovation. These spaces are designed to foster a culture of creativity and support the growth of the Web3 community.


Splash is a comprehensive Web3 directory and ecosystem map. It serves as a vital tool for token and community discovery, providing valuable insights and connections within the Web3 space. Splash facilitates engagement and interaction among users, creators, and investors, making it easier to navigate and thrive in the Web3 ecosystem.

Monet Token Integration

Across these platforms, the Monet Token acts as a central pillar in the transactional and engagement processes. As a token of appreciation, Monet provides users with access, discounts, and premium services. It is designed to incentivize and reward participation, contribution, and loyalty within the ecosystem.

By using Monet as the loyalty point across these platforms, we aim to create a cohesive and rewarding experience that enhances the value and utility for all participants.


Phase 1 was crucial for laying the groundwork for a sustainable and thriving ecosystem that supports independent creators and enhances the global creative economy. Through these initiatives, the Monet Society aims to streamline the creative process, improve access to digital art, and foster a vibrant community of creators and enthusiasts.

As we progress, these platforms will evolve to incorporate more features and integrations that further our mission of decentralizing the creative process and empowering creators.

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