⚙️Phase 3 - Product Expansion and Monet Society Governance

Scheduled for 2027 and beyond, Phase 3 of the Monet Society’s roadmap marks a pivotal transition towards full decentralization and enhanced community involvement. This phase is inspired by the developmental journey of prominent blockchain platforms, which evolved through phases of foundation, growth, and community-led governance.

Integration of Blockchain Bridges and Channels

A key technical objective for Phase 3 is to ensure that Monet Tokens are fully interoperable across all supported blockchains. To achieve this, we will focus on integrating bridges and channels that allow for seamless swapping of Monet Tokens, thereby enhancing liquidity and usability across different blockchain networks.

Development of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

Phase 3 will explore the establishment of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) to embody the principles of community governance and decentralized decision-making. The DAO will be designed to:

  • Enable community participation in the governance of the Monet Society through a system of transparent voting protocols.

  • Allow for the monitoring and guiding of the Society’s activities, ensuring they remain true to our founding principles.

The development of the DAO will involve:

  • Researching and establishing the necessary governance and voting structures.

  • Engaging the community in the governance process to ensure a diverse range of voices is heard.

  • Implementing tools and systems that facilitate effective community decision-making.

Monet Token Supply Distribution

During Phase 3, 10% of the total Monet Token supply will be allocated to support the DAO’s establishment, community engagement efforts, and ongoing maintenance. This allocation will also underpin research initiatives focused on enhancing the DAO’s operational effectiveness and ensuring its alignment with the evolving needs of the creative ecosystem.


Phase Three is about solidifying the transition from a founder-led organization to a community-governed entity. By integrating advanced technological solutions and fostering an inclusive governance model, the Monet Society aims to empower its members and stakeholders to directly influence its future direction. This phase is dedicated to creating a sustainable, community-driven framework that supports the continuous growth and decentralization of the creative ecosystem.

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