🛠️Phase 2 - Cross Chain Expansion

Building upon the robust foundation established in Phase One, Phase Two of the Monet Society roadmap focuses on broadening our reach and enhancing our technological capabilities.

This phase, scheduled from 2024 to 2026, is dedicated to integrating new blockchain technologies, fostering strategic partnerships, and expanding the utility of the Monet Token within the creative ecosystem.

Integration with New Blockchains

To ensure that Monet remains at the forefront of blockchain technology and accessibility, we will integrate with additional blockchain networks. This will involve:

  • Collaborating with founding entities to facilitate the integration.

  • Releasing the Monet Token on selected new blockchains to enhance liquidity and adoption.

Partnership Development

Phase Two emphasizes the development of distribution channels to amplify network effects and drive broader adoption of the Monet Token. We will establish partnerships with new and existing products that integrate Monet, thereby expanding our ecosystem. Partners will be carefully selected based on their alignment with our mission and their potential to propel the Monet vision forward.

Grant Program

A central element of Phase Two is the launch of a Grant Program aimed at encouraging the integration of Monet. This program will support products and platforms that provide special benefits to Monet Society members. The grant application process will require potential partners to submit detailed proposals, including:

  • Their organization’s mission and business model.

  • Proposed criteria for Monet distribution and rewards.

  • Expected impact on the ecosystem.

Successful applicants will receive Monet allocations in tranches, subject to performance reviews and adherence to Society criteria.

Monet Token Supply Distribution

During this phase, 15% of the total Monet Token supply will be allocated for distribution between 2024 and 2027. This strategic allocation will target ecosystem development and enhance Monet distribution through various channels:

  • Strategic Partnerships: Identifying and collaborating with partners that can significantly extend the reach of Monet.

  • Events: Distributing Monet at events that align with our mission and engage our community.

  • Investment Groups: Allocating Monet to creator- and Web3-focused investment funds that support portfolio companies using Monet.

  • Direct Grants: Awarding Monet directly to high-quality startups and projects that integrate Monet to promote their initiatives.

  • Hackathons and Bounties: Incentivizing innovation and development in the creative industries through Monet rewards for hackathon victors and bounty completers.


Phase Two is about scaling the impact of the Monet Society by leveraging advanced blockchain technology and nurturing meaningful partnerships. Through these efforts, we aim to solidify the Monet Token’s role as a cornerstone in the evolving landscape of the creative industries, fostering a more inclusive and thriving ecosystem for creators worldwide.

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