Phase 2 - Scale

Building on the foundations of Phase 1, Phase 2 will emphasize distribution channel development to drive network effects.
Phase 2 Supply Distribution: 15% of the Monet Token supply to be allocated for distribution from 2024-2027. Allocation will be used to develop ecosystem stakeholders and Monet distribution.


The Monet Society plans on developing guidelines and criteria to ensure that selected channel partners serve to promote and progress the Society's mission. Channel partners will apply to The Monet Society for an allocation of Monet, providing information about their own organization's mission, business model, proposed Monet rewarding criteria, and distribution model. Channel Partners will also provide information on the expected impact.
The Monet Society plans on reviewing these applications and, on a schedule to be determined, reward Monet against Society criteria. Distribution Channel partners will be rewarded Monet in tranches and report program performance back to the Society for approval and constructive input prior to receiving subsequent tranches.

Distribution channels

a) Strategic partnerships

Monet Society may identify strategic partners aligned with the Monet vision, with the capacity to increase distribution.

b) Events

Monet may be distributed at events hosted by Society members or related to the Monet mission.

c) Investment groups

Monet allocated to creator/Web3-focused funds that may allocate a portion of Monet to portfolio companies.

d) Direct grants

Monet Society may award Monet grants directly to high-quality startups and projects that will use Monet internally or for project promotion.

e) Hackathons and Bounties

Monet may be awarded to winners of hackathons and bounties related to supporting and evolving creators and creative industries.