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Creative industries are a critical source of innovation, culture, and employment. As such, creative industries and creativity are vital parts of society and the global economy. Individual and independent creators often face challenges protecting their intellectual property rights. This includes ensuring proper attribution, preventing theft or copyright infringement and in general receiving a fair share of the value they create. Traditional models of funding, contracting, marketing, and monetization are administratively complex and expensive. As a result, many independent creators are at a significant disadvantage to larger, better-resourced corporate competitors. The Monet Society has developed the Monet Token as a 'token of appreciation' to recognize and reward creative ecosystem stakeholders with loyalty points for their contributions to addressing challenges faced by independent creators.

The Monet Society

The Monet Society was founded by a collective of entrepreneurs, artists, and art lovers, inspired by the potential of decentralization and the democratization of creative production. The Society believes that creativity and creators are essential to building a better future for humanity. The Society believes that emerging technologies enable more powerful and equitable ways for individuals and groups to organize the creation and distribution of value. The Monet Society is developing a roadmap to transition from founder-guided decision-making to a constitutionally governed decentralized autonomous organization.

The Monet Token

Monet is a digital token built upon distributed ledger technology. Monet was created to incentivize participation and support of creative ecosystems, with an emphasis on individual and independent creators. As a ‘token of appreciation’, Monet forms the basis of a playful 'loyalty point' system that acknowledges and rewards creators and creative ecosystem stakeholders in a transparent and secure way.
The total supply of Monet is fixed at 10,000,000,000 tokens and was originally minted on the Cardano blockchain. The Society has plans to bridge part of its tokens to popular blockchains that are equally supportive of the creative ecosystem as proper bridging solutions become available, including:
  • Avalanche
  • Algorand
  • Hedera
  • Polygon
  • Tezos
  • XRP
The Monet Society distributes Monet to creative industry initiatives, including projects and platforms developing and facilitating digital art, NFTs, and Web3 technologies such as wallets, marketplaces, creator tools, and platforms for viewing and experiencing. Stakeholders rewarded with Monet are encouraged and incentivized to ‘play it forward’ by recognizing and rewarding other ecosystem participants supporting creators.
How Monet token distribution works

Benefits and Uses

Creators benefit from Platforms participating in the Monet Society through:
Product placement
Collectors benefit from Monet Society Platforms and Creators through:
Discounts on Products and Services
Access to Products and Services
Some of the key areas we focus on recognizing and rewarding include:
Education and Awareness
  • Media
  • Guide and reference materials
  • Training, workshops, and seminars
  • Workshops
Creators/Creativity Services
  • Innovative PFP
  • Trading Card
  • Algorithmic
  • AI
  • Digitization of cultural assets (wine, fashion, other)
Display & Immersive Experiences
  • IRL Display
  • Metaverses
  • AR/VR
  • Minting infrastructure
  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Innovative distribution
  • NFT supported
  • Self-sovereign Identity
  • Real-world financial management integration & compliance
  • Development
  • Showcasing
  • Distribution

The Monet DAO

A decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) is a type of organization that is run using blockchain technology and smart contracts. In the context of the digital economy, a DAO could be designed to identify, recognize, and reward creators and stakeholders in creative industries such as music, film, and art. The Monet DAO would operate using a set of transparent and objective rules that will govern how the DAO identifies, recognizes, and rewards creators and stakeholders. We invite interested parties to contribute to the development of our whitepaper and participate in the Monet Society by emailing us.
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