NFT calendars offer a valuable sales and marketing function to both artists and investors. These sites help the Polygon NFT community by communicating dates of upcoming drops, key information about artists and their projects, relevant analytics, current news (and frequently free newsletters) as well as other tools to help the community better understand what is on offer.

Key Takeaways for Creators

Artists can make use of drop calendars to list their upcoming NFTs or collections for Polygon-specific projects. Creators benefit directly by being able to:
  • List collections for free to build awareness and to impart useful information (and further social media links) about the project
  • Access an existing audience of potential buyers in the Polygon community
  • Efficiently track similar projects in the same space - get insights about competitors’ floor pricing and discover what makes those projects successful
  • Build community - use calendars to create hype around projects before minting
  • Invest in paid marketing as many drop sites offer promotional opportunities, such as banner ads, prestige placement, and other marketing opportunities

Key Takeaways for Collectors

NFT calendars present collectors with a valuable opportunity to find the next big investment to add to their portfolios before they hit the secondary market. Collectors can benefit by being able to:
  • Enjoy early bird advantage - collectors can sign up to a mailing list for news on upcoming drops, whitelisting, etc.
  • Explore upcoming listings to get a sense of the project and its likely value
  • Add projects of interest to Google Calendar, if this option is available
  • Assess a project by checking out social media links, peer reviews, sales analytics, previous success, etc.
  • Improve access regardless of a collector’s experience level or network
Uncover the next blue chip project for your portfolio with these Polygon drop calendar sites.