• extremely popular self-custodial cryptocurrency wallet app and browser extension (Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Opera and Microsoft Edge) supporting multiple blockchains, including the Polygon ecosystem
  • excellent wallet for beginners
  • can connect wallet to Polygon Wallet Suite (on browser) to stake Matic and access Polygon Web 3 dApps
  • an all-in-one solution as multiple blockchains are supported
  • good hardware wallet integration
  • excellent support
  • easy login with password (not seed phrase)
  • token swap fee of 0.875%
  • most dApps support Metamask wallets
  • need to view portfolio site on your browser to view NFTs
  • only ERC-20 protocol - i.e. Ethereum tokens (would need to wrap Bitcoin if storing it in a Metamask wallet)
  • multi-chain app-based wallet (Android and iOS)
  • self-custodial wallet with no seed phrase
  • no seed phrases or private keys - instead, the wallet uses encrypted secret key share (one key is stored on your device, and one on their server)
  • very easy and quick set-up, despite good security
  • user-friendly interface which makes it easy for new users
  • can view and send NFTs
  • connect to dApps
  • can purchase stable coins in the wallet with a bank transfer (0.1% fee for stable coins) or credit card
  • wide range of token swaps and multi-currency support
  • can buy and sell crypto within the wallet
  • excellent help functionality - can send a message in the app (usual reply time is under 3 minutes)
  • the wallet requires access to your Google Drive or iCloud and a face scan to set up its security (some users may not like this)
  • not fully non-custodial in term of users storing their own private keys
  • no desktop version


  • a self-custody DeFi wallet built natively on Polygon (uses Polygon blockchain)
  • app-based wallet (Android and iOS)
  • easy-to-use interface
  • wallet can be backed up to Google Drive
  • very simple set-up process
  • can buy stable coins (USDC) from the wallet via Apple Pay, or other local payment solution
  • stake coins, including stable coins, from the wallet for interest (has direct access to a number of DeFi apps - e.g. Aave)
  • includes some basic help videos in the wallet
  • trade over 100 token on Polygon blockchain with zero gas fees
  • uses a key management system: seed phrases are encrypted to iCloud or Google Drive
  • can view NFTs across the Polygon and Ethereum blockchain
  • very low fees - as it’s built on the Polygon blockchain (no gas fees)
  • set up mostly as a DeFi wallet (rather than for NFTs)
  • will need to use WalletConnect to sign up to NFT marketplaces