• the largest NFT marketplace across multi chains and the largest NFT marketplace on Polygon
  • the total number of Polygon NFT sales on OpenSea recently beat Ethereum
  • a primary and secondary market in one - i.e. for new mints and resales
  • easy to use: good for beginners and for collectors who are looking for a wide variety of NFTs
  • good liquidity - over $5 million traded daily on Polygon
  • includes a variety of famous collections: Trump Digital Trading Cards, The Sandbox, Lens Protocol Profiles, and more
  • comparatively lower fees - OpenSea charges 2.5% commission per successful transaction
  • can mint your own NFTs on OpenSea for free on Polygon: only pay commission (2.5%) and transaction fees (less than $0.002 gas)
  • wide variety of NFT categories: art, utility, collectibles, trading cards, domains, virtual worlds, sports, gaming assets
  • excellent security
  • no need to make an account - can just use your crypto wallet
  • has an app version
  • good search and analytics capabilities
  • only accepts payments in crypto
  • need an Ethereum digital wallet


  • large NFT marketplace and Launchpad on Polygon
  • still in Beta version
  • includes a wide variety of services: secondary marketplaces, NFT drops, launchpads
  • various social features allow for communication between NFT holders
  • can search for NFTs across a wide variety of categories: ‘collections’, ‘currency’, ‘price range’, etc.
  • good search and analytics capacities
  • includes events, both ‘live’ and ‘ended’
  • wide variety of help resources, including an extensive FAQ section on the site
  • offers to purchase can occur in a number of different currencies besides Matic - e.g. Eth and USDC
  • if not using Matic, currency approval required for each new NFT collection (a small amount of gas fees are associated with this request)
  • complicated application process for Launchpad, including KYC
  • collection analytics are a little limited
  • only connects to a few major wallets


  • multi-chain, decentralized NFT platform
  • create, buy, sell, swap and stake NFTs
  • straightforward, easy-to-use site
  • can trade or swap NFTs, plus create your own NFTs on the platform
  • currently, there are no platform fees - there are only gas fees for transactions
  • site includes an NFT academy and blog
  • good search and analytics capacities
  • volume on Polygon blockchain not huge
  • only for straightforward NFTs, no other categories