Ryan Wyatt (250-999K followers)

  • President at Polygon Labs sharing what’s happening on Polygon with a focus on NFT and gaming
  • Twitter

Sandeep Nailwal (250-999K followers)

  • Sandeep is the co-founder of Polygon and shares the news related to the development of Polygon and NFTs on the platform
  • Twitter

Polygon (50-249K followers)

  • Official Polygon account featuring dApp releases, news about new NFT collections, protocol upgrades, and stats
  • Twitter

Polygon Space (50-249K followers)

  • Polygon Space is a daily digest of all Polygon projects. Here, you can fund articles, fresh news, and insights related to the platform
  • Twitter

Polygon Developers (10-49K followers)

  • A great portal for devs and all those who wish to build on Polygon and promote Web3. Features tech announcements and comments on the network events
  • Twitter

Polygon | $MATIC News (10-49K followers)

  • Dedicated solely to Polygon news, Polygon | $MATIC News also helps emerging Polygon-based projects find their audience
  • Twitter

Shodipo Ayomide (10-49K followers)

  • Shodipo Ayomide is a big supporter of Polygon and a huge Web3 enthusiast. His Twitter is a great source of tips and advice for both crypto newbies and professionals
  • Twitter

sanket.polygon (10-49K followers)

  • Head of growth at Polygon Labs for NFTs, DeFi, Dao & tokenization sharing everything about the greater Polygon ecosystem
  • Twitter

onPolygon (10-49K followers)

  • The home of all NFTs on Polygon
  • Twitter

Polygon Times (10-49K followers)

  • Bringing you the most up-to-date #Polygon news & information
  • Twitter
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