• extremely simple NFT creator tool

  • released by the Polygon team - create NFTs with custom utilities and pay zero gas fees

  • very simple to use, with no gas fees (except for batch minting)

  • clean interface

  • offers three options:

(1) Quick Mint: a quick gasless NFT minting solution for those wanting to mint a single NFT

(2) Single Mint: mint a unique piece of art, either as a Soulbound (can’t be transferred or sold) to a million copies, also gas free

(3) Bulk Mint: mint up to 10,000 unique NFTs in one go (gas fees may apply)

  • can add utilities to your NFTs - e.g. a social autograph, option to order a physical entity (e.g. hoodie, card), unlockable content only visible to users holding that NFT, etc.

  • can add metadata features to bulk collections by using the OpenSea Metadata Standards

  • choose between ERC-721 (ideal for a unique file like audio, image or video) and ERC-1155 standards (for minting more than one NFT at a time)

  • helpful FAQ section, plus a chatbot

  • very simple to use, with no gas fees (except for batch minting)

  • a decentralized multi-chain NFT marketplace that also offers minting facilities

  • no blockchain knowledge required - very simple process

  • can create NFTs on multiple chains, including Polygon (Ethereum, Avalanche, BNB Chain and Moonriver, etc.)

  • use any unique image, video or audio file in different formats - e.g. JPG, PNG, GIF, WEBP, MP4 or MP3

  • add unlimited properties to your NFTs - e.g. color, shape, mood, clothes, headwear, etc.

  • no platform fees - only gas fees for minting

  • a flexible no-code toolkit for digital creators

  • no programming knowledge needed

  • add rarity characteristics via a simple dragging tool for excellent precision

  • good functionality for adding rules to your NFT collection (highly configurable)

  • many features, such as advanced minting rules (e.g. maximum number of NFTs per wallet or who can mint)

  • can do animated NFTs

  • configure royalties for your wallet

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