2D Viewing


  • a multi-blockchain, multi-address view of your NFTs
  • iOS / Android app
  • pleasing-looking viewing app that’s easy to download and use; can also view digital assets on the web
  • add multiple wallet addresses (on-chain public blockchain data); no wallet authentication required - so no security risks
  • share functionality for social media
  • search and filter NFTs across collection, asset or rareness
  • showcase your NFTs across any wallet by categories you have created with a unique URL
  • calculate the value of your collection across 30 currencies, both crypto and fiat
  • can also view staked assets in De-Fi platforms
  • only available as an app


  • a simple way to show off your NFT collection
  • simple to set up - just create an account and add your wallet
  • works across chains
  • can get a Lazy.com URL to display all your NFTs on social media accounts
  • able to find hidden NFTs (i.e. NFTs you don’t know about - e.g. from an airdrop)
  • besides Polygon, supports a number of other blockchains

3D Viewing


  • a popular metaverse platform for creating your own 3D immersive experience that others can sees
  • easy to set up and free
  • good functionality for creators - e.g. altering size of NFTs and frames (the look/feel of the space)
  • sell the entire space that you’ve created to others
  • people can use the space to connect virtually
  • collaborators can add their NFTs to your space allowing a collective to pool their NFTs
  • can add audio to your space for a more immersive feel
  • use multiple wallets to add NFTs to your space
  • includes stats to see number of views, etc
  • 3D immersive experience for viewing is enjoyable
  • best on Chrome or Brave browser (this might be limiting for some)