• popular free multichain NFT calendar that claims to have been “the first calendar in the NFT universe”

  • has more than 150,000 unique NFT collectors visiting the site to look for upcoming collections

  • comprehensive calendar with options to view upcoming and current launches

  • multiple tags for searching - e.g. ‘game’, ‘music’, ‘photo’, ‘sport’, etc.

  • subscribe to mailing list to get notified of upcoming drops

  • easy form to fill in to ‘Submit a Drop’

  • includes some interesting stats - e.g. number of events submitted and published

  • besides drops, also covers current news and events

  • has a Discord channel

  • markets itself as a newsletter for NFTs, Metaverse and Blockchain games, but includes an NFT calendar site - has one million monthly visitors

  • multichain calendar site

  • add NFT projects for free - need to specify the supply and mint price

  • free daily newsletter

  • has Twitter, Telegram and daily newsletter to stay up to date with drops, as well as a YouTube channel

  • promote your NFTs via social media, YouTube videos, sponsored articles, premium placements on the calendar, etc.

  • multiple ways to search for NFT projects on the calendar: via blockchain, popularity or timing of the project (‘upcoming’, ‘today’)

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