• open-source, decentralized crypto wallet for a wide range of browsers, including Chrome, Brave, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Edge, Vivaldi, Safari, and more
  • also mobile app - iOS and Android
  • wide uptake: 200 000 Temple wallet users, 500 new installs per day
  • create multiple accounts
  • delegate Tezos to “bakers” (validators of the Tezos network) and receive rewards
  • hardware wallet integration with Ledger Nano
  • token swap from wallet
  • dApp connection with Tezos dApps
  • NFT management
  • passed external security audits with Least Authority and Cossack Labs
  • can use Moonpay to buy Tezos
  • currently can’t view NFTs in wallet, but developers are working on this
  • web browser wallet
  • based on three principles: community, security and reliability
  • longest-running web3 wallet, from 2018, built for the Tezos blockchain
  • hardware wallet integration with Ledger
  • easy set-up and very straight-forward interface
  • built-in dApp browser
  • stake from wallet
  • great NFT features - can access thousands of NFT collections directly in the wallet but only within the Tezos ecosystem. It also has good support for NFT drops
  • can replace your long wallet address with your Google, Twitter, Reddit or Facebook username making it easier to send and receive funds
  • no mobile app
  • lack of privacy - users don’t have the same anonymity as other wallets
  • no token swaps
  • desktop and mobile wallet
  • quick set-up process
  • simple, if slightly uninspiring, user interface
  • can pay multiple transactions (batch transactions) at once
  • staking (“baking” in the Tezos ecosystem) from wallet
  • multiple accounts allowed
  • management and viewing of NFTs (only Tezos ecosystem)
  • dApp integration
  • hardware wallet integration
  • good help - support team answers queries within 24 hours
  • no built-in dApp browser
  • no token swap