2D Viewing


  • one of the most popular wallets that is used by the NFT community on Tezos

  • NFTs supported

  • little metadata available

  • limited customizable options for viewing/displaying NFTs


  • an NFT marketplace that allows you to connect your Tezos wallet and view 'Collections'

  • minimal looking interface

  • create a collection page to share with the community

  • detailed metadata for NFTs

  • links to verified creators

  • list and sell your NFTs

  • view/play different multimedia NFTs

  • limited customizable options for viewing/displaying NFTs

3D Viewing

  • build your own 3D world to display art directly from your Tezos wallet

  • connect compatible wallets from Tezos, Solana, Ethereum and other NFT platforms/marketplaces

  • create your own 3D space and easily display your art to share with others

  • customize frame colors, edit size of the display and add curation notes to your NFTs

Blockchain Viewing

  • allows you to explore and search the Tezos blockchain for transactions, addresses, stake rewards, stats, tokens, price, NFTs and other activities

  • view asset details, owners, and other technical details

  • click 'Artifact' to view the original IPFS file for the best viewing experience

  • limited customizable options for viewing/displaying NFTs

  • does not display different multimedia types for NFTs yet e.g. video

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