• generally seen as the largest Digital Art and Collectible marketplace on Tezos
  • wide range of listing options - very large marketplace
  • link to multiple wallets, including Temple, Kukai and Umami, plus others
  • includes English (the highest bidder wins after a set period of time) and Dutch auctions (the price is set high and gradually declines until a buyer accepts it)
  • good analytics, leaderboards and rankings (historical prices, top sellers, etc.)
  • includes “top creators” and “top buyers” on the front page
  • can list NFTs from other marketplaces such as Hic et Nunc, FxHash, Rarible and Kalamint
  • follow real-time transactions
  • recognizes the royalties of creators from the original platforms where they were minted
  • can split royalties
  • bookmarking artworks for notifications
  • mint tokens with multiple creators
  • help could maybe be broadened, though there is a FAQ section and a Discord community
  • only accepts one currency, Tezos
  • the landing page may be a little cluttered, making it a bit confusing to navigate around the site


  • platform to mint a GT (Generative Tokens use algorithms to randomly generate content - the artist inputs a set of rules)
  • GTs are written in HTML, CSS or Javascript
  • instead of generating a token from a pre-made image (NFT), the piece of code that generates the visual is uploaded; when minted, a hash is created to “randomly” control parts of the visual output - e.g. color
  • receive a completely unique output when you mint an iteration (because it’s generative art)
  • truly decentralized platform controlled by creators and collectors (50% of the fees go to the fxhash DAO)
  • has its own token, FXH, which can be staked - possibly not operational yet
  • includes a sandbox where you drop a .zip of your project to see how it will behave when minted
  • need some tech knowledge to mint these tokens
  • only XTZ (Tezos) coins valid for transactions
  • the platform is not keen on any curation so some items may be questionable
  • new lingo to pick up, but seems like a growing and exciting area of art and Machine Learning (ML)


  • a green NFT platform connecting fans and collectors to their favorite musical artists, athletes and brands
  • built on more than only proof of stake blockchain, Matic and Tezos
  • use crypto, debit or credit cards to purchase NFTs
  • zero gas fees for purchases
  • showcases NFT drops from famous NFT creators
  • good help section
  • multiple categories - “music”, “sports” and “lifestyle”
  • 1-click to list your NFT for sale
  • can search via tiers, which refers to the rarity of the items
  • rather cluttered landing page
  • more of a mass market site, though this could be a plus for some