Tezos (250-999K followers)

  • everything you need to know about the Tezos blockchain with this official Twitter account
  • Twitter

Tezos Foundation (50-249K followers)

  • the Tezos Foundation invests in initiatives to ensure the long-term success of the greater ecosystem and highlights many of its supported projects here
  • Twitter

Arthur B (10-49K followers)

  • co-founder of Tezos with his wife, Arthur shares newsworthy updates about the blockchain and its developments
  • Twitter

Kevin Mehrabi (kevin.tez) (10-49K followers)

  • Kevin is a Tezos DeFi founder and tweets about all things DeFi on the Tezos blockchain
  • Twitter

Kaꜩleen (10-49K followers)

  • wife of Arthur Breitman and co-founder of Tezos, Kathleen shares company updates and news about the blockchain and its development
  • Twitter

Tezos Commons (10-49K followers)

  • Tezos Commons share news, blockchain updates and coverage of projects building on Tezos
  • Twitter

XTZ News (10-49K followers)

  • a Tezos news journalistic hub tweeting about everything Tezos related
  • Twitter

Tezos Art Collective (10-49K followers)

  • Howie runs an art-focused account of his growing collection whilst spotlighting the best of NFTs on Tezos
  • Twitter

BakingBenjamins.tez (<10K followers)

  • Tezos payments solution provider that shares updates on DEXes, staking and more
  • Twitter
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