Find The Right Project

Now it's time to find a project that interests you, one that is worthy of your hard-earned ADA. Drop calendar sites are the perfect place to start as they feature up-and-coming mints of projects with important information that you can use in the research phase of your investing journey.

Ideally, it is best to select projects with art that resonates with you because there is always the risk that it won’t do well. If for some reason it doesn’t take off, at least you’ll have an NFT you enjoy looking at. Not all drop calendar sites are created equal, so decide for yourself with our head-to-head comparison of top drop calendar sites on Cardano.

Immerse Yourself In The Project’s Virtual Communities

Prepare For The NFT Drop

Once you’ve established the project is real and you’re confident in the development team’s ability to deliver on the roadmap, make sure you check the announcements in Discord for the minting time and date as well as other instructions like where the mint will be held. Sometimes the website is used, other times an address is posted in the Discord announcements channel. There might also be a restriction, for very popular projects, on how many NFTs you can buy per transaction in order to ensure that most people get at least one.

Now that you've read the guidelines in the announcements channel, it’s time to load up your wallet with ADA and get ready for the mint.

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