How To Buy NFTs From An Existing Project

Perhaps you missed the drop or you've learned about a worthwhile project after the drop. You can always get in on the project by finding good deals on the secondary market. Once again, DYOR, is of critical importance. ‍Interested in seeing what the top collections look like before you buy? View our partner collection over at The Art Bank here.

Purchasing on a secondary market is normally more costly, but at least you can be confident that the project has already been formed and that they are following through with their roadmap — more on why you should consider primary vs secondary NFT marketplaces!Pro Tip: Check out these useful CNFT ranking tools to quickly get the key metrics about NFT projects. Just as with a new project that is about to mint, you should always DYOR by checking out the social media channels, project website, and dev team experience. Now that the project has minted, you have even more information available like the mood in the Discord server. ‍Is the community happy with the mint? Do they like the NFTs? Are they just concerned with the floor price or are they really invested in the long-term potential of the project? The price on the secondary market will also tell you how the project is being received by the community. If the floor price is already below the mint price then this is an immediate red flag and the project should probably be avoided. Now that your wallet is loaded with your first NFTs, head on over to and plug in your wallet address to see them. It's not the best viewing experience. Check out these other CNFT viewing platforms for a more immersive viewing experience. If you’re using a wallet like Eternl, you can also navigate to your ‘Token List’ in your account to view your NFT there.

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