NFT Viewing

“How to view a CNFT?” Outside of where you just minted your NFT, there are a couple of other places where you can view your NFT in all of its glory. From your NFT’s page on, click on the bubble icon to view it on ‍

Here you will be able to view everything that is tied to your NFT such as its metadata, policy ID, quantity, when it was minted, and who the last owner is — click on the ‘Last Owner’ address, that’s your wallet’s address with your NFT. ‍

Speaking of wallets, exit JPG Store by clicking the minimize icon in your Eternl wallet browser.

Next, click on your Cardano wallet on the left-hand side of the screen, navigate to 'Token List' and click on your NFT.

By clicking ‘Open On-Chain File’ you can view your complete NFT image and you can also choose to use the NFT as your wallet background or icon. This is more relevant when you get around to buying your own CNFTs and want to customize how your wallet looks.

Now that we’ve covered where and how you can view your NFT, we get to the section that is arguably the most important part of our NFTs explained guide, and that’s listing your NFT for sale and learning how to market it.

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