In today’s day and age, it goes without saying that any so-called “online business” that doesn’t have a working website is absolutely doomed to fail. Luckily with digital art, the visual nature of it lends itself to being able to create a beautiful online portfolio of your work/collections and should be a top priority. In the NFT space, many projects have teams of artists and developers that build websites around their collections to explain the story behind the art, what utility it might have and what their project roadmap looks like. If, however, you’re striking out on your own, there are some pretty user-friendly website builders out there like Wix and Squarespace that require no coding knowledge and have ready-made templates for you to choose from. ‍Keep the focus on your art! Create a simple website (like this one) with: 1. An easy-to-navigate menu. 2. An about page with your collection’s story and inspiration. 3. A gallery list or grid to display your collection.

4. A buy button or links to your collections’ page or wherever else you list it.

4. Links to your social media channels. 5. FAQs section around what buyers should know/ask about your project.

Now that your collection has a working, updated hub to send visitors to that is optimized to convert, you need to drive traffic to it by building awareness.

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