CNFT viewing platforms help us see what is happening on the Cardano blockchain in real-time, as well as viewing NFTs made on Cardano in all their glory.

These platforms help to enhance the NFT viewing experience for creators and collectors, with some service providers creating customizable viewing options such as 3D viewing in interactive galleries and even others that bring your NFT to life in a physical format.

Key Takeaways For Creators and Collectors

Viewing NFTs in Cardano wallets has been somewhat limited in how they display, giving rise to CNFT viewing platforms that can benefit creators and collectors by being able to:

  • A customizable, interactive NFT viewing experience by showcasing your collection or portfolio in way that you want

  • Verify ownership of certain collections by checking policy ID data and make safer investments

  • Provide some utility to your NFT collection by offering to turn your digital art into physical art

Explore the best CNFT viewing platforms here.

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