Drop Calendars

CNFT calendars or NFT drop calendars provide creators with a platform to list NFTs for free and build awareness around their upcoming collections. These sites already have sizeable audiences of interested NFT collectors that browse calendars of upcoming drops to invest in early and successful launches can really help increase the possibility of your collection selling out fast. Truth be told, these types of marketing services are better suited for bigger collections, but for artists that are looking to put a bit of marketing spend behind their work, they include reasonable promotional ads packages — paid in ADA — that can be leveraged to boost a collection’s visibility prior to it being minted. Overall, there are around 10 prominent drop calendar sites on Cardano with similar features that you should check out. For the purpose of this guide though, we’re going to walk you through how to list on CNFT Drop Finder. ‍CNFT Drop Finder is a super easy website to navigate that includes a simple calendar view for visitors to explore upcoming CNFT projects with links to each project’s social pages and communities. ‍

1. Click on ‘Get Listed’ at the top right-hand side of the page. Here you will be required to enter in your collection’s specifics (much like you did for your collection setup with jpg.store) with the addition of setting the time and date of your upcoming mint, as well as the timezone you’re located in. ‍

2. Click on the Submit CNFT button at the bottom of the form and your project will be listed. Interested in making use of CNFT drop calendar sites to list your collection? Check out the top 3 sites you should consider listing here!

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