• Artano is a community-driven, community-curated NFT marketplace

  • art-focused rather than just offering run-of-the-mill PFP collections

  • auction buying and selling — smart contracts with anti-snipe so the bidding gets extended if bids arrive last minute

  • in-house vending machine mechanism to set up a large-scale mint upwards of 100 NFTs

  • easily split profit with another person/organization when you're listing the NFT for sale/auction by adding their wallet address and % that will go to them once the NFT is sold

  • an NFT marketplace with an emphasis on digitizing physical artworks

  • accepts ADA and fiat payments which will be popular with non-crypto-savvy art collectors

  • the site has carved out its own niche since it mostly offers physical artworks that can be minted into NFTs

  • in-house minting of NFTs

  • useful and informative help section

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