Marketing Your NFT Collection

Traditional artists will know that getting publicity for their art in the offline world involves working with galleries, auction houses, and middlemen that usually take a big cut out of their profits, not to mention having to personally pay for the opportunity to exhibit and market their work. The beauty of entering the burgeoning marketplace of NFTs and digital art is threefold: 1. Forget about the hassle and expenditure involved with stockpiling canvasses and paint 2. No need to worry about the logistics and security of transporting physical art 3. Say goodbye to a limited buying pool and middlemen that eat into your profits Living exclusively online, NFTs can be created cheaper than any other art format, they can be stored safely and securely without taking up any space, and marketing them online opens your work up to millions of buyers from around the globe. That’s not to say that there isn’t a lot of competition online, but, if you utilize some of these marketing tools and work consistently on putting your art out there, you can build a creative empire online!

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