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Charles Hoskinson (250-999K followers)

  • CEO of IOG and King of the Rats. Charles is the founder of Cardano. His tweets are incredibly informative because this is 'the' man who knows
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Cardano Whale (50-249K followers)

  • he is a portfolio manager and Cardano lover. He provides useful insights into Cardano and the blockchain world at large
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Input Output (50-249K followers)

  • a research and development company committed to using the peer-to-peer innovations of blockchain to build accessible financial services for all
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Emurgo (50-249K followers)

  • a blockchain technology company providing solutions for developers, companies & government. One of the founding entities of Cardano
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Cardanians_io (50-249K followers)

Cardano Dan (50-249K followers)

  • Dan is an IT pro & blockchain enthusiast. $ADA & $BTC enthusiast. #Cardano Stake Pool Operator (Tickers: DAN, DAN2 & Partner Pool RELY). Co-creator of @ZombieChains
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CryptoIRELAND1 (50-249K followers)

  • CryptoIRELAND1 encourages people, if they believe in freedom, to be part of the Crypto revolution as well as to earn passive income by staking ADA
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Rick McCracken DIGI (50-249K followers)

  • Rick is the USN Senior Chief(ret), Ocean Systems Engineer, DIGI Stake Pools Host @CardanoLive
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Jason Appleton (10-49K followers)

  • Jason Appleton, AKA Crypto Crow, began his Youtube career back in 2017. He covers everything from Crypto Mining, Swing Trading, Technical Analysis, Market Cycles, ICOs and so much more
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The ADA Ape (10-49K followers)

  • committed to sharing your favorite Cardano news, interviews, merch and staking resources
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Big Pey (10-49K followers)

  • strong advocate of Cardano, WEB3, and cryptocurrency. He is the creator of Bloom, and Mycelial Gallery
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Sebastien Guillemot (10-49K followers)

Trading With Paul (10-49K followers)

  • Paul is a no-nonsense Cardano educator. He has a YouTube channel where he discusses all things Cardano from news and opinions to staking and ADA price analysis
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Tim Harrison (10-49K followers)

Sooraj (<10K followers)