NFT Minting Sites

So you’ve decided that Cardano is the most suitable blockchain for you and your NFT collection and you’re ready to explore which NFT minting platforms might suit your needs best. ‍ Well, great thing is that there are a number of Cardano NFT minting sites for you to choose from, each with its own pros and cons, but it really comes down to user control, costs involved, and ultimately, what you’re looking for in a service provider when learning how to make a CNFT.

NFT Maker

The very first NFT maker on Cardano, NFT Maker is a sophisticated minting API that allows for single NFT or bulk mint options, its own in-app payment gateway that supports every major Cardano wallet (more on setting this up below), and an exciting roadmap of additional features like NFT licensing and a marketplace in the works. ‍

The NFT Maker Pro platform includes a dashboard that allows you to link your wallet, create your own NFT projects, and track your sales history. There is also an NFT drop calendar integration that redirects you to CNFT calendar, a site where you can list your upcoming project and even advertise it to build hype around your collection. ‍ Overall, NFT Maker has a really well-put-together API, but the process of actually minting NFTs is currently best suited for more tech-savvy users looking for advanced control of their collection, especially around assigning metadata attributes. ‍ Single mint NFTs cost 2 ADA with a bulk mint of 500 pieces coming in at 2250 ADA (excl. network transaction fees).

JPG Store

JPG Store is the biggest NFT marketplace on Cardano and the platform also provides minting services that are a little more user-friendly for those that are just starting out and wish to mint smaller collections.

The platform makes it remarkably easy to mint a collection and add customized metadata to it with simple input fields and prompts to launch your collection fast. Minting a single NFT will cost you 1₳+0.2₳ (network fee), and there is also the option to mint larger collections for 5% (your collection sales)+1₳+0.2₳ (network fee).

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