Why Create NFTs on Cardano

In the world of crypto and NFTs, there are plenty of enthusiasts that will give you any number of reasons as to why they’re die-hard fans of Ethereum or why Solana is the most scalable blockchain out there. The purpose of this section is not to tell others that they’re wrong or that these other blockchains won’t succeed in their endeavors. As proponents of the technology and industry, we should all be aligned around the ultimate goal of accepting competition as it breeds innovation — which is a good thing for everyone! ‍ What we’re going to share with you is what makes Cardano special in our eyes and why it’s the best choice for creatives that care: 1. Lower Cost to Mint NFTs and Transact It costs approximately 0.16-0.17 ADA (Cardano’s native token) for recording a transaction on the Cardano blockchain. Most NFT minting sites on Cardano charge 1-2 ADA to mint or create a single NFT. Lower transaction and minting fees mean that the artist gets to keep even more of the profits from what they sell and is an inexpensive way to get started. ‍ 2. The World’s First Peer-Reviewed Blockchain Cardano has been tested by academics and scientists outside of its own organization, making it a truly community-driven blockchain that rewards initiatives growing the ecosystem, of which art is a very big part. ‍ 3. Lower Carbon Footprint As opposed to the proof-of-work consensus mechanism that utilizes mass amounts of energy through “mining” certain cryptocurrencies to open up more blocks or space on the blockchain, Cardano’s proof-of-stake mechanism involves those participating in buying ADA and “staking” or locking it up to verify transactions and open more blocks in exchange for being rewarded in more ADA. ‍ This saves a lot of energy which means a lower carbon footprint and a greener solution for all. ‍ 4. Fast and Secure Cardano utilizes advanced technologies to offer super robust security and up to 1000 transactions per second. The platform has scaled to handle millions of transactions per month, so one can rest assured that the proof-of-stake model will continue to help it scale and flourish. ‍ 5. The New Player in The NFT Industry More than 800000 CNFTs or Cardano NFTs have been minted since March this year with a total of $27 million in sales recorded in April. The blockchain is experiencing real growth in the NFT space and is the perfect entry point for artists that want to benefit from lower transaction fees, reliability, and security.

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